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It has already extensively discussed that the children are the dominant consumers in the fast food market and tend to be responsible for more than 50 percent of the sales in the industry. However they are not the people who have ready or available access to money. Specially form the age of 0 to 12. In these early years it is the parent who is the main person responsible for taking care of the children and providing for them.

They are the people who initiate in the monetary transactions, even the purchase decision is actually driven by the child. However the dependence of the children on the parents makes them vulnerable to them and as a result their own product purchase and consumption decision is influenced by that of their parents. Parents also tend to enforce healthy eating habits I the children at an early age. This indirectly influences the fast food industry that has to be both healthy and fun and good to eat.

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Essay: The Role of Family on Children’s Consumption
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