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The Singapore Airlines is a company which started off as a small entity providing focused and niche products and services to customers, however due to the changes taking place in the airline industry, the increasing traffic of the customers to and form destinations in the Asia Pacific and the increase in the economic structure of Singapore, the company has been able to create itself as a global brand. The company is regarded as one of the most appreciated and liked brands for airlines by customers. Moreover the company has received accolades and rewards for its level of excellence pertaining to the products and services provided to the customers. Similarly the company has also received recommendations form customers as being the airline which is highly focused on maximizing customer satisfaction.

The literature review provided that the Singapore Airlines has been striving for high level of customer satisfaction by innovating the facilities it provides to its customers on the land as well as in flight. The company has launched internet and email base communication services, in flight gamming, lay in flat bed seats as well as luxury delicacies on the menu for onboard. Aside from this the company has also arranges its lounges in such a manner to make their aesthetically pleasing and create a mood for the customers.

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Essay: The Singapore Airlines
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