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The Starbucks Corporation is a worldwide retailer of specialty blends for coffees which are provided as both in the form of hot and cold beverages. Aside from this the company also provides its customers with café based complementary products like breakfast menus, snacks and coffee complementary foods. However the strategic market that is ascertained and held by the company is in the coffee and beverage segment.

The strengths of the Starbucks Corporation pertain to the company having a strong brand image, robust financial performance over the period and large scale of operations in the local US based as well as in the international market. Aside from this the beverage industry provides the company with opportunities of developing products and service offerings for new markets that are emerging in both the current region of operation as well as in the developing countries. The trend for the global coffee market also depicts that the consumption of coffee on a global scale is increasing, making way for more expansion and growth opportunities for the company. The weaknesses of the company however pertain to it having a weak compliance function, a narrow product mix and low employee productivity. Moreover the company is also threatened by the controversy of theForbidden CityinChina, the increasingly intense competition in the international and the local market as well as the dynamic and fluctuating prices of coffee beans.

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Essay: The Starbucks Corporation
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