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The strengths of the company pertain to the broad offerings of services that the company provides its clients and other business across the world. The Accenture Company has significant presence in the software and information technology industry which forms the bulk of its consulting and business process outsourcing services. Aside form having a storing background in consulting services the company also has a string customer base which is built on satisfied clients and high quality and professional provision of services for international business and their operations across the world. The human resource management services provided by Accenture to its business are growing in demand and importance in the industry. Moreover the global scale of the company and its operations provides the company with a unique advantage over others in the market.


The weaknesses of the Accenture Company include the fact that the company has a considerably weak performance in The EMEA despite the high balance sheet accounts. In fact the company has been facing declining revenues from theEurope, Middle Eastern and the African region. Aside from this the company has also been depicting a rather poor performance in the government segment as well. This segment mostly pertains to the services and products provided by Accenture to the governments of theUnited Kingdomnd theUnited States. The poor performance of the company to these regions in the government sector, which form a considerably high portion of its market, can lead to a large decrease in the companies profitability and financial performance in the future

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Essay: The Strengths and Weaknesses of Accenture
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