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The success of Martha in the home development, lifestyle and entertainment industry has inarguably made her a success. Her success however stems from the network that she had access to, her business contacts, her personal drive towards success, her keen business traits and skill as well as her orientation towards a powerful type of management. Martha has not been a person who delegates her work to many as she is mostly comfortable working in her space while controlling the situation and the decision making rights.

“Stewart simply refuses to play by the rules, and we’re not just talking about her stint in the slammer. She was a mom, a fashion model, and a Wall Street stockbroker before she quit her day job to start a catering business. Then, at the height of her fame as the avatar of aspiration living, she became a spokeswoman for Kmart.” (Hammer & McNichol) This has put many of her employees off who see her as very controlling, dominating and often icy as well due to her clean desk policy and a highly regularized management system. However this is cannot be disregarded that the way Martha has organized and managed her life and her career ha been impressive as after all these years she has been able to retain her position as the undefeated mogul of house making.

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Essay: The success of Martha
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