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“Since its foundation, with a start-up capital of 125 million réis distributed among 1250 shares of a 100 thousand réis each, Unicer has come a long way, a journey that has been intimately connected with the history ofPorto and of the country in general. From its old premises on Rua do Mello until today, many moments have marked our history, such as the trial admission of the first women workers into the company in 1920.” (‘History’, Unicer Official Company Website)

The company has its operations all over thePortugaland has also invested in the beer and beverage market on the global scale. Internationally the company has a relatively strong presence in the European region with operations in countries likePortugal, England, Luxemburg, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Andorra, France Spain, Norway, Sweden etc. Aside form this however the company also is presence in Canada,Brazil, the United States, ,Australia, Timor, Macau, Angola, Mozambique, South Africa as well. The company however is not much significantly operational or present in the Asian region.

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Essay: The Unicer Company operations
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