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The Unicer Company is originally named União Cervejeira SA and it is a Portuguese manufacturer and distributor of beverages like wines, beers, water, drinks, juices and coffees. The most common product of the company includes the beer brands of Super Bock and Cheers which are well known brands in the beer market. Aside from these however the company also indulges in the distribution and the logistics for the brands of Tuborg, Guinness and Kilkenny, the beer brand of Carlsberg as well as the Tetley tea brand.

                The company of Unicer itself however is based in Leça do Balio which is near the vicinity of Porto in Portugal. The company was originally established in 1977, making it a relatively new entrant in the global beer and beverages market. It was formed due to the merger and the consolidation of three main local beer manufacturing institutions the Companhia União Fabril Portuense, the Companhia Portuguesa de Cervejas and the União Cervejeira de Portugal. It was in the 1990s that the company actually became privatized.

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Essay: The Unicer Company
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