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The University of Maryland is a positive contributor in the field of Engineering, specifically mechanical and energy based engineering degrees. The Washington based university provides easy access to research and knowledge portals as well as practical & theoretical implementation of engineering concepts. “The school is home to one of the most vibrant research programs in the country. With major emphasis in key areas such as communications and networking, nanotechnology, bioengineering, reliability engineering, project management, intelligent transportation systems and space robotics, as well as electronic packaging and smart small systems and materials, theClarkSchoolis leading the way toward the next generations of engineering advances.” (‘ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress Exposition 2007 -UniversityofMaryland’)


The alumni of the university are very diverse and well known, especially in the field of mechanical engineering making it an influential institution when it comes to knowledge and resourcefulness. The notable alumni of the University include Glenn L. Martin, Robert E. Fischell, Brian Hinman and Robert Briskman etc who are established personnel and bodies of accomplishments in the world today. The faculty at the Clarks School of Engineering atUniversity of Mary land also boasts an established and reputable faculty of 200 who specializes in their programs and fields. “100+ faculty members are fellows of engineering professional societies and 50+ are recipients of National Science Foundation Early Career Awards. And 13 faculties are members of the National Academy of Engineering.” (‘About Us’, A. James Clark School of Engineering)

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Essay: The University of Maryland
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