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A book by Susan Gregory Thomas by the name of ‘Buy, Buy Baby’ explores the aspect of children as consumers and how the concept and phenomenon of consumerism has shifted down the generation and children onto even the toddlers and the babies that are present in the market.

These people have immense exposure to television and brands at an early age and most of it is through the promotion strategies employed in a subtle manner by marketers in movies on the TV. This marketing is specifically targeted at the small children in order to market them identify brands form an early age and learn how to differentiate them. This combined with the concept of fad and peer pressure leads to the adoption of brand conscious consumerism in the children. IN the Book Susan Thomas specifically depicts how the babies have now became the youngest consumers in America and how companies are specifically targeting the TV and movie audience which is aged between zero and three years of age.

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Essay: Theme of the book “Buy, Buy Baby”
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