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The third theme of the book has been identified pertains to the analysis of the black slavery America and how it has shaped the modern America. The issues pertaining to slave trade and the discriminated rights of the blacks that led to civil revolution in America have been clearly depicted. The role played by the black slaves to free themselves has been monumental leading to their victory in the civil war, however the mindset on the political front in the following years have depicted the same discriminated attitude of the whites towards the blacks that continued till early 21st Century.

            The other theme of the book that has been identified is the effect that immigration into the region in the 18th and the 19th century had on the social as well as the economic development of America. The first to migrate to America were the Irish followed by British, European, South Americans and then people from the far flung areas of the South and South East Asia in the 20th Century. All these people came toAmerica a land of opportunities to make a life for themselves. They brought with them different cultures, way of life, traditions, as well as racial issues that were highlighted due to their discrimination in the American society. The struggle of the people to attain the American dream has been clearly described in the book as a futile attempt to achieve their dreams in a controversial and setting where the society has been against them on every step.

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Essay: Themes in Susan Wyle’s Book
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