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The book is an engaging read with themes based on the various events and prominent figures that have shaped America and its society into its diverse and multicultural state. The first section of the book deals with the conflicts that were present in America along the eastern shore in the 17th Century. This sections highlights the discrimination against the local aboriginal Red Indians in the region, the myth of the Pocahontas, the politically correct Pocahontas that has been depicted in the Disney cartoon along with the incidents of the Salem which hunt and the ensuring Salem Which Trials. The trade in the black salves in earlyAmericais also highlighted upon along with the role that they played towards the independence of the country.

                The next theme that is predominantly seen in the book is the comparison and contrast of the Native Americans with the white settlers and how the racial disparity, different traditions and attitudes towards life as a whole contributed to their differences resulting in the newcomers overriding the Native Americans. The political initiates taken to initially hunt capture and contain the Native Americans have been highlighted along with the reforms that were put in place in later years to restore the Native Americans top their way of life.

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Essay: Themes of the Book on Multiculture
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