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The quality based theories that have been utilized for in this report for the purpose of research and analysis pertain to the Japanese as well as American quality theories.

These include the theory of management as proposed by Edwards Deming which depicts that management problems cause the majority of the quality issues in any organization. The theory proposes a 14 point plan which is formed around planning for what is needed, performing the actions, checking whether it all works and taking steps to correct any problems or discrepancies.


The quality trilogy as mentioned by Joseph Juran is also included which composes of certain actions that need to be carried out in order for good quality management to be present. These include quality improvement through breakthrough, quality control and quality planning through holding onto gains and using analysis like pareto analysis.


Total quality control as originated by Feigenbaum is also incorporated in the paper which deals with the creation of “an effective system for integrating quality development, quality maintenance and quality improvement efforts of the various groups within an organization, so as to enable production and service at the most economical levels that allow full customer satisfaction”(‘ The Original Quality Gurus’). The steps for TQM pertain to quality leadership, modern quality technology and organizational commitment.

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Essay: Theories Used in Starbucks Evaluation
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