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The Toyota Motor Company is an automobile manufacture and innovator of Japanese origin. The company has its headquarters in Toyota City, Japan and is listed on theNew York,TokyoandLondonstock exchanges. The products sold by the Toyota Motor Company include passenger cars as well as sports vehicles and these vehicles designed for recreational use only. Aside from this the company also manufactures commercial vehicles and minivans though its subsidiary operations.

The other products manufactured by the company include luxury cars and limousines as well as equipment based cars lies fork lifts lorries etc. “Lexus is the luxury car division of Toyota, and is operated as an entity separate from the Toyota brand. Lexus also produces luxury sports utility vehicle, the RX330. InJapan, the company also sells luxury cars under the brand name Crown and the Century limousine. The Prius is the company’s mass-produced hybrid car. The company traditionally handles the assembly work for Toyota pickup trucks. Automobile parts are manufactured primarily by Toyota and Denso Corporation.” (‘Automobiles Industry Profile: Global’, 2008)

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Essay: Toyota Motors
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