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The Toyota Production System also seeks to add value to the organization through the development of the people involved in the process and establishing relationships with the partners. The system focuses on developing leaders who comprehend the lead production philosophy and are able to teach it to others in the company.

The system also aims to develop such people as well as teams in the company that are able to work along and promote the relationship established between the partners. The partners in this context refer to third parties and suppliers who come into an agreement with the company to provide them with the required materials and resources, as and when they are required in the production process.


The Toyota Production System as applied in the Toyota Company also highlights that the solving problems on the continuous basis increases the performance of the company as well as increases organizational learning. In the Toyota Production System the problems are visited by the management in order to see them in action and how they impact the different aspect of operations for the business. Additionally the decision to solve the problems as well as for strategic planning and development are made through joint consensus and after thorough deliberation in the traditional Japanese method which enables the management to implement the decisions as quickly as possible allowing for minimum room for error. Kazen and Hansei is the backbone of the Toyota Production System through which the company seeks to improve its business processes and operations.

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Essay: Toyota Production System at Toyota Company
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