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The main goals that are associated with the Toyota Production System pertain to eliminating the extra burden that is cast on the production and operations functions of a company through inconsistency of operations and wastage of resources. By doing away with inconsistency, wastage, high costs of procurement and inventory management the company is better able to enhance its value delivery process and pass on a portion of the advantage achieved by the company on to its customers.

The objective of the design for the Toyota Production System is to make the whole production process flexible. The Japanese term for wastage is ‘muda’ and the ‘muda’ which is targeted specifically by the Toyota Production System include wastage caused by over production., wastage due to motion which is a result of over utilizing a human resource of excess operation of a machines, the wastage cause by waiting on part of the human resource as well as the machine whereby valuable production time is lost. Other forms of wastage include wastage caused due to excessive mobilization of equipment and work force which increases the charges for conveyance, processing itself, the costs associating with transporting, procuring, storing and managing inventory as well as ensuring its security. The last type of wastage which is identified by the Toyota Production System is the wastage which occurs as a result of correction, in the form of rework and scrap.

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Essay: Toyota Production System Goals
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