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The Toyota Production System is based on four basic rules which are there to provide guidance for the designing, operation and the improvement and enhancement of each activity in the production process. “All the rules require that activities, connections, and flow paths have built-in tests to signal problems automatically. It is the continual response to problems that makes this seemingly rigid system so flexible and adaptable to changing circumstances.” (Spear & Bowen, 1999, p98)

These rules specifically relate to the following.

  • All the work that is conducted needs to described and accounted for in terms of the content, the process flow, the time/ scheduling and the end result of the action.
  • The connections that are established between partners have to be direct with any communication taking place to be succinct and un ambiguous in nature.
  • The channel for each product and or service needs to be direct as well as simple.
  • The improvements that are made in the process under the Toyota Production System need to be initiated from the lowest level of the organization driving the innovation and the change to the top.

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Essay: Toyota Production System Principles
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