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It also needs to be noted that in order to enable the just in system of operations and adopt the Toyota Production System in its essence it is important to establish well grounded relationships with the suppliers of the company.

The relationships are required as without the relationship, it is not possible to be efficient in terms of operating in just in time as the costs for procurement of supplies and the increased lead time and waiting time would create inefficiencies of costs and time in the production process. “TPS appears as a particular fragile system with respect to its capability of delivering profits and efficiency, and to its need of preserving both the engagement and the implication of workers in the production process and the social and organizational conditions that assure its long-term viability.” (Pardi, 2007, p17)


The innovative and unique philosophy ofToyotahas enabled it to prospect much quickly and efficiently than its counterparts in the automotive industry. In the case ‘Onwards and upwards for Honda andToyota’ (2004) it is highlighted that secret behind theToyotaphilosophy lies in the ability of the company to foster creativity as well as loyalty amongst its employees

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Essay: Toyota Production System using TPS Systems
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