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Maintaining the Equipment:

As per the Toyota Production System the responsibility for the maintenance of the equipment lies with the equipment operators and the equipment utilizes.

They are responsible for informing of update of the equipment, and undertake any replacements and repairs that need to be performed in order to keep the production lines running in the company and avoid malfunctions. Specialists are hired, but only used for training the equipotent operators and solving highly complex and technical problems that may arise with the equipment


Pull Production:

In the Toyota Production System the pull production method is employed, by which the quantity of work that needs to be performed in any specific stage of the process is completely dependent on the demand of the resources and the components in the following stage of the production process. This is based on the Just in time method in which wastage is eliminated.


High Level of Supplier Involvement:

The Toyota Production System treats the suppliers of the company and its production process as integral partners with which agreements are conducted on established long terms relationships which enable the company to reduce set up times run the just in time procurement method and reduce costs associated with batch based procurement and costs of holding buffer stock.

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Essay: Toyota Production System Valuable Principles
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