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The role of the Toyota Production System is discussed on the organization of the Toyota Motor Company. The fourteen principles pertaining to Toyota Production System are also highlighted as per their categories of quality control, lean production, just in time inventory management and continuous flow and leaning in the organization. The production at the Toyota motor company in small lots, the pull production and the high involvement of the suppliers in the operations of the company specific to the supply chain as per the Toyota Production System are also discussed.

The advantage sand the disadvantages of employing the Toyota Production System are highlighted.  In the following sections the dissertation provides background on the global automobile industry. The specific characteristics of the global automobile industry are discussed and the operations in the industry are highlighted. Through the market analysis the industry is analyses in terms of its performance in the different regions of the world as well as on the basis of the environmental forces that are active on the industry. The PESTLE analysis has been used to analyze the market in the global automobile industry according to the political, economic, social, technological, demographic as well as the legal environments.

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Essay: Toyota Production System
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