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This is crucially important as according to the Toyota Productions System when a employee makes too many mistakes or is negligent, the employee is not fired, instead punishment and fines and levied on them which can be considered as harassment by employees living elsewhere. Moreover the fluctuations in the production process that are caused by the changes in the demand of the finished goods in the market can result in high level of injuries and stress son the workers, which is and can be challenged very strongly by the student unions in the west.  “Although recent studies provide valuable insight into work at Japanese companies, they focus on work either in the office or on the assembly line. My ethnographic study, however, examines both kinds of work. The TPS is certainly lean, but it is also unhealthy and dangerous. This book questions the very fundamentals of the lean work system. In the office, “lean” means engineers are overloaded with tasks. In the factory, it means that workers on the line are continuously at risk of being seriously injured.” (Mehri, 2006, p26)

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Essay: Toyota Productions System concerning Employees
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