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The performance benefits of these lean systems are often remarkable, greatly improving quality, cost, and delivery. But what of companies that are not making standardized products at high volume? What can they learn from lean? In this paper we argue there is a fundamental misunderstanding of TPS, viewing it as a specific tool kit technically implemented in a formulaic way to achieve pre-specified results. In fact, TPS is a philosophy that can be better described as a set of general principles of organizing and managing an enterprise which can help any organization get on a path of positive learning and improvement.” (Lander & Liker, 2007)

Following the steps of the Toyota Company, the Korean automobile company of Hyundai has also initiated to employ the Toyota Production System through the evolutionary perspective. However instead of simply taking on the Toyota Production System the company is looking into the different drivers of efficiency in the model and is applying it to the production system at Hyundai. This is a more realistic approach as it tends to provide a customized and better suited model for procurement, production and supply chain management for the company

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Essay: Toyota Productions System Copied by Other Companies
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