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The more traditional marketing channels and strategies that are employed pertain to the well known marketing channels of mass marketing like marketing through the television, marketing through print ads, radio based ads, billboards and hoardings, BTL activities, Sponsorships of events and targeting the customers through the recently acknowledges online marketing strategies.

The television based marketing campaigns simply involve a 30 second to a 60 second commercial that is shown to the customers in the commercial breaks on cable and television channels. Companies recently have also started to launch programs that market the product and service offerings around their brands on the television networks.  The print based marketing campaigns feature print ads in newspapers, publishing, periodicals, digests and also include inserted posters and speciality newsletters that are inserted in niche targeted periodicals. Additionally the companies also employ marketing activities through the disbursement of product catalogues to their current and prospective target markets. Radio based marketing campaigns are typically used for targeting regional markets. While its possible to employ radio based advertisement and promotions on a national level, the response and feedback is much more effective for a targeted market or a regional radio based promotional activity. Typically promotions pertaining to developments, discounts and updates in the product and service offering are incorporated in radio based marketing campaigns.

Online marketing is not a traditional form of marketing, but has gained acknowledgement from the marketers as it allows them to target the market on varying degrees. The online marketing is often correlated with mobile device based marketing as well, as the concept of marketing and the medium of he internet used ion both type of the marketing channels is essentially the same. Therefore it can be said that internet based marketing ad mobile device based marketing support each other.

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Essay: Traditional Marketing
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