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The training and development for the staff hired for operations inChinawill need to be performed through technological as well as human resource intensive strategies. The Chinese tradition of doing business and training is ,based on a master-student or a mentor-apprentice based training. This approach can be taken up by Wal-Mart as well as the company already employedMentorbased human resource development program in the west. However in order to modernize this training, the company can make use of its training software as well as the company intranet to relay information to the staff and provide them channels of communication to their mentors and masters in the company.

Other factors that can help the company in increasing its diversity  in human resource management for its operations in China include “having a strategic plan for diversity initiatives, integrating diversity initiatives into the corporation’s strategic plan, recognizing that diversity is a business imperative, having a culture that values diversity and having top management support were the factors most likely to assist in the success of diversity initiatives” (Wentling, 2004) On an international, or global level the company can develop affirmative action plans for diversity in the workforce specific to its different markets and regions of operations including China.

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Essay: Training and Development at Wal-Mart
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