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A filed test was conducted by Queensland University of Australia for refund in matching funds. They conducted the test to find out if it mattered to the donors if the target or condition for the donations was not met and even so the funds are not refunded. They found out that it did matter because the donors felt the condition was not met thus the funds should be refunded on request. Another revelation from the test was that if the entity promised initially to refund the money in case the condition is not met then the total number of donations increased comparatively (Mcdiarmid, 2009).

In this case although there was no written contract between the university and the donors in case UGC backed out and the condition is not met but one can say an implied contract did exist that if in case UGC backs out the donors have a choice whether to have their money refunded or still let the university keep it. This can be supported by a clause in contracts covered under whether a contract is voluntary or coercive. The clause is a ‘statistical consideration’ which existed in this case (McKendrick, 2005).

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Essay: UGC Case Analysis
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