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The Corporate governance code of China needs to be revised and updated. In UK the code and each aspect of it is revised and updated regularly. TheUKcorporate governance code was updated recently to push all businesses to growfurther. In fact the code in UK aims to work as a regulatory body that ultimately affects the position of the company.

The corporate governance code inChinaholds shareholders as the most important group and the code focuses o two types of firms which include state owned enterprises and the listed companies that have floated shares in the stock market (Clarke, 2003). The code inChinahas ownership control on all enterprises which is a particularly outdated system yet the purpose is to protect the home basedindustries, to maintain good employment levels and also to protect sensitveindustries and to avoid unfair employment. But these goals can not be measured since it is not possible to monitor the effects or existence of the implementation of these goals. The conflict of interest between major shareholders and the state as being the major controlling body exists but the major problem is that the minority shareholders do not benefit from this corporate code of governance which in turn curbs the growth ofindustries (Clarke, 2003).

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Essay: UK and Chinese Corporate Governance
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