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The products and brands of the company Unicer include Cider brands of Decider, the water brands of Vitalis, Vitalis Sabores and Pedras Salgadas Levíssim etc., The Juices and Soft Drink Brands of Frutis, Drutea Ice Tea, Guaraná Brasil, and Snappy etc. The Wines include a wide slection of “Quinta da Pedra, Quinta da Pedra Aguardente Velha, Senhoria, Quinta do Minho, Campo da Vinha, Porta Nova, Vinha das Garças, Vinha de Mazouco, Vinha de Mazouco Reserva, Planura, Planura Reserva, Planura Syrah, Monte Sacro e Vini.” (Unicer Official Company Website)

The coffee brands include Bogani, however the company lists exhaustive beer brands which are mostly popular in the market. These brands include Super Bock which is the main beer brand and is available in differentiated brands of Super Bock Stout and Super Bock Green. Aside from these the company also offers the Alcohol free Super Bock and the traditional beer through the brand of Super Bock Abadia. The new versions of the brand are now also available in the brands of Super Bock Tango and Super Bock Cool. The Brand of beer called Cheers was the beer brand which received immense marketing and image stipulation due to the American Sitcom about friends and a bar aptly named ‘Cheers’ as well. The Cristal brand of the company is the oldest beer that is available in the Portuguese market. Aside from this the company also offers the Tuborg brand which is a strong variation of the beer which is Danish in Origin and Tetley’s which was originally developed in Leeds in the United Kingdome.

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Essay: Unicer Company’s Brand
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