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The company has also been specifically investing in the client service levels through all channels of distribution. While most opf the beverages that are traded are through on trade channels. The best method the company has been able to access the clients through is the retail network, where the company has been known to have a 97 percent efficiency and service levels for its clients.

            The Unicer Company has also been employing a recently launched program to make people aware of its products while training its new recruits about the organizational culture, orientation and strategy. “‘Ponto de Venda a Rigor’, is a pilot project introduced in 2006 for new customers, designed to test a different approach: direct point of sale training in using installed equipment. Awareness of main product characteristics, learning how to serve draught products with quality, maintaining installations in top condition, driving sales through special campaigns, were all on the agenda. This approach has been widely welcomed. It offers a more personalized service and training is tailored to the needs of each customer and the products they use. The evaluation of training in various formats (distributors, customers in room, and customers at sale points) was classified as ‘excellent’. Unicer sees this as a clear incentive for developing the program” (‘Unicer Sustainability Report’, 2006)

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Essay: Unicer Company’s Strategy Analysis
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