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Unicer and SCC are both not listed in the international beverage, alcohol and beer market as the top leaders in the market. The reasons for these are that there exist other enterprises which are global in nature and have been operating for a much longer time in the international market.

These global enterprises have international brands which are well established in the market and are recognized by the consumers in the regional as well as in the international markets. This is not the case with Unicer and SCC currently. While they do host a collection of brands like Sager and Super Bock which are extremely famous and recognized in the local market of thePortugal, they are not very much recognized outside ofEurope. The brands that are established and sold by the Uniecr Company have a relatively small share of 2 percent in the European market, while in other regions. This share is even considerably less.

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Essay: Unicer Vs SSC
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