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Unicer employs specific resource based strategies for the operation of company in the local and the international markets. “Having grown over almost a century of activity as a brewery, the Unicer is today a company that produces and distributes many types of drinks. The focus of business is Beers and Waters, while simplifying the Company’s organizational structure and investing in Human Resources are some of Unicer’s strategic guidelines.” (‘History’, Official Company Website) The company makes use of strategic partnerships and affiliations with suppliers and other companies in the beverage industry in order to create a more expansive scope for its brands in the market.

            The company has been strengthening the partnerships and the relationship it has with its suppliers, as well as with its customers. This is an attempt at making way for backward and forward integration in the beverage industry I the region. The specific strategies employed pertained to integrating use of technology with supplying partners in order make the business and manufacturing process more efficient and cost effective. Moreover the company also is now offering solutions to its customers in the form of an interactive web portal through which the consumers and the target market of the brands by the company, form all over the world, can interact with the company through the internet. The company has also been strengthening its relations with the universities and other corporate enterprises to attain strategic advantage in the market as well as access to a highly skilled pool of recruits.

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Essay: Unicer’s Resource Based Strategy
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