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Popular opinion amongst the public is against the use of affirmative action as they state that with the increased diversity and the equal opportunity programs in place, affirmative action regulations are no longer required in today’s environment. “Polls indicate that many Americans perceive affirmative action policies to be synonymous with quotas, set-asides, and preferential treatment that benefit minorities and women at the expense of white males. Consequently, political leaders on the left and right are promising to revisit federal affirmative action policies. Some have expressed clear intentions to dismantle affirmative action policies; others have called for more study and review.” (Affirmative Action: Who Benefits?)

The affirmative action concept pertains to the policy actions taken by the government to eliminate the practice of discrimination against women, minority group, different raced, veterans as well as the disables when employing hiring and induction into healthcare or education programs. The policy is present to promote equal opportunity in them market and to avoid discrimination based on sexual orientation, marital status as well as criminal history.

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Essay: Use of affirmative action in US
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