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Noting that Log (10000) = 4 predict the staffing costs of a typical company that has 10000 active members.                                                                                                                

      To invert from Log (staffing cost) to actual staffing costs Excel uses 10^Log (staffing cost)

The log value for the active members of 10,000 was computed through the equation for the regression linear line for the log values of staffing costs and the active members.

The results depicted that that with the log values of 4 for the active members provided a corresponding value of 2.000347. The results of the previous staffing costs for the same active member values were compared with this value. The log value for the previous result stood at 2.552668216 while the value attained through the regression analysis as per the log based data provided the value of 2.000347 for the staffing costs for 10,000 active members. The difference can be attributed to the error margin for the previous regression analysis and the log based regression analysis.

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Essay: Using Log to Analyze Staffing Cost
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