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The strategies which have been employed by the Wal-Mart Company for recruiting, expanding as well as retaining its human resource pertain to the following.Wal-Mart focuses on getting feedback from its employees on a regular periodic basis. The feedback is collected in terms of their work experience at Wal-Mart and the implementation of the beliefs and values of Wal-Mart amongst its employees.

The Wal-Mart company needs to foster the understanding of the Wal-Mart concepts in its staff, address the various diversity issues, as well as promote pioneering spirit amongst its workforce by giving them realistic expectations of reward and growth (Thomas, 1999)

A supplier diversity program can also be launched to promote diversity of staff and workforce amongst the suppliers of the Wal-Mart Company.

A formal diversity office can be created which can monitor the compliance of the Human resource department with the developed workforce and operations diversity policies developed by Wal-Mart

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Essay: Wal-Mart’s entry into the China Market
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