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Wal-Mart is one of the one of the most popular retail giants in the global retail industry. The company has been dominating the industry since the 70s, when it started expanding into the different market segments and geographical regions in theUnited States. Now, the company has been able to establish itself through its flagship chain of stores as well as its subsidiaries like ASDA in the international market as well.

The company provides training to its employees on working with people and increasing the leadership skills of its managers. Wal-Mart provides its employees with state of the art training resources. A proper career development and counseling division is made which enables them to provide guidance to their employees about their prospective career paths and how they can better achieve their career objectives (Peterson, 2005). Wal-Mart provides training to its employees through class room based sessions; computer based learning, education through distance learning as well as through the corporate intranet sites. Additionally mentor programs, satellite broadcasts as well as skill assessments are also performed for the employees.

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Essay: Wal-Mart’s Unique Strengths
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