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Increasing utilization and popularity of the internet has by consumers has prompted high speed and easy access to the WAN.  The high speed internet options available to consumers in the market pertain to the DSL and the broadband internet.The DSL provides the consumers with a dedicated and a more secure link, with various options of ADSL and SDSL options but is restricted in terms of availability in rural and remote regions. The broadband internet provides customers with ease of access, fast internet, 24 hour connectivity but over a shared link resulting in a less secure internet.

The conclusion highlights that the DSL internet is more suited for businesses and professionals while the cable or broadband internet is more suited for general consumers and households.

The internet technology has come a long way in the past decade and the utilization of the internet by general as well professional consumers has become extensive. The internet is currently being used to manage large business, integrate communication in enterprises, transfer money and documents, as well as for leisure activities like gaming, streaming and downloading multimedia and shopping. The increasing numbers of users have put a strain on the speed of the internet while the complicated applications on the internet also demand high speed dedicated links. The high level of usage has prompted an increase in the speed and the performance of the internet technology. As a result DSL and broadband internets have been introduced into the market.

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Essay: WAN Vs DSL
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