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A major benefit that the automobile companies can reap from the employment of the Toyota Production System and lean production is that they can get to know their business process much better. While looking out for wastage, the companies have to redefine and reevaluate their business process which can enable the automobile companies to better understand the opportunities that are inherent in their system for growth and profitability.

Aside from application of lean processes and the application of information as well as systems technology, a transportation strategy is also essential for operations as per the Toyota Production System. The essence of the Toyota Production System is in the just in time approach. It is not only the positive step to take towards lean operations, but also a very necessary step of the evolution process for an automobile company to operate in the lean manner. “In general, it has reduced costs and streamlined management processes through primarily the elimination of stock. If you have a just-in-time supply chain, you theoretically are holding far less stock on hand, and that generally saves mone

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Essay: Waste Management Using TPS
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