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The main tracks, records, for music as well as videos and other media are sold by CDs and DVDs, while the market being targeted by the HMV Company is shifting towards electronic downloads on the internet. This is why the sales of the company are decreasing both in the retail stores as well as on the electronic online portal.Aside from this the home page of the website leads to the different section of the website which pertain to albums, singles, DVDs, games gadgets, soon to be released music and media as well as special offers. The navigation to these taps is very easy for the user, however once in a page, like the products page no history of navigation is provided making it confusing for the user to determine where in the website the user is. Moreover the buy button is very complicated and camouflaged. The hot pink color of the button is very prominent but it gets camouflaged with the other hot pink items and tabs around the button.

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Essay: Website of HVM Company
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