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The Wells Fargo & Co is a company operating in the financial sector in the US. It is the only bank in the US which has been rated in the category of AAA. The company was built after the acquisition of the Pacific Northwest Bancorp in the year 2003. Since then the company has established itself in the market in an appreciative manner.

The stock price of the Citicorp in February 2003 opened at $45.57 and closed at $45.35. The highest stock price reported in the month was at $45.98 with the lowest being $45.18 and the volume being traded at $17,113,200. The adjusted closing stock price for splits and dividends for the month stood at $18.84. In May 2003, the month of the merger the opening price was at $48.26, the closing price was at $48.30 with the highest price $49.10 and the lowest price $46.83. The volume traded was $8,998,900, with the adjusted closing stock price as $20.19. Two years after the merger in May 2005, the opening price was at $60.08, the closing price was at $60.41 with the volume being traded $7,032,600. The highest and the lowest prices were at $61.80 & $59.00 respectively with the adjusted closing price at $26.96.

The stock price of the WFC has significantly increased since its merger. The strong stock position of the Wells Fargo Company presents its string standing in the financial market in the US.

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Essay: Wells Fargo & Co Stock Price
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