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If the company was faced the same situation in the current environment, the company would have two choices pertaining to how it would resolve the crisis. One of them would be to abandon the site and commence the business over by developing a new mill and a factory to replace the old ones. In order to support development and bring down the costs the company could lay off the workers that were disabled while providing them their medical compensation while only the minimum staff could be retained, laying-off the staff which is not requires due to the lack of jobs.

However this option is not suitable entirely as even though the company might save funds by laying-off workers that are not needed at the moment, efforts would be required both medical as well as financial to hire new workers once the factory is up and running. This would mean additional expenses of the company in the long run. Moreover the overall company reputation and loyalty of the remaining workers towards the company would be negatively affected.

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Essay: What Action Should Malden Mill Take Now
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