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Leadership can be defines as the influencing of others in a social as well as business context to work towards the attainment or the accomplishment of a set task at hand. Leadership is about power and control, and the way the power can be employed to control the situation for reaping positive results for the organization that help it achieve its set goals and objectives.

 In the business context many theories have been determined related to leadership and these include theories of traits, and those pertaining to function, behavior, power, as well situation based interactions. Leadership involves motivating and changing the employee behavior.

There exist different types of leadership styles. These styles are based on the way the leader wields power to control. The bureaucratic leadership is structured and hierarchical with multiple levels of authority. The charismatic leadership however is usually team based with elements of energy and eagerness. The autocratic leadership on the other hand is a standalone type of leadership where the power and authority is governed in supreme by the leader alone with little or no delegation. The democratic leadership is one where the feedback of the team and the subordinates is taken into consideration before the final decisions are made. The lasses-faire leadership is another extreme where no supervision, or continuous feedback is established and the subordinates are delegated the decision making capacity, power, and authority to make their own decisions.

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Essay: What is Leadership
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