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Through the customer/ market survey we were able to determine that the companies sponsoring events on a general basis were doing so in order to enhance the association with the event or the cause. Moreover as per the opinion of the market the sponsored party/ event as well as the sponsoring corporation share a specific value. This is evident through the sponsorship program and the resultant image and corporate association.

The main motivations that were derived through the research which tend to drive the corporations to invest in sponsorship programs, specifically those related to event sponsorship take the form of increasing the exposure of the company, increasing the brand value and the reputation of the organization in the eyes of the consumer. The association for the corporation with a specific party or a cause related event as well as increasing the good will of the company. The corporations also want a new channel from where they can get hold of the customer sand provide them with a much better experience and interaction opportunity with the customers. This is done through sponsorship of events by the corporations.

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Essay: What motivates Corporations to Sponsor
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