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The BA609 tiltrotor has many benefits for use by pilots and airline companies as it combines the characteristics of a tubeprop airplane and a helicopter. “Helicopters have reached their physical performance limits while tiltrotors offer unique flexibility, increased productivity, lower operating costs (versus helicopters) and can replace mixed fleets of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.” (‘Bell/Agusta Achieves Civil Tiltrotor Milestone Mates Wing and Fuselage for First Prototype BA 609’, 2000)

The benefits of the tiltrotor pertain to its capability of combining the advantages of a tubeprop and that of a helicopter. The BA609 can take off and land like a helicopter while be able to handle in the air and reach the range that is three times that of a helicopter. This has been made possible due to the tilting property of its helicopter that can be titled to fly in the different modes of vertical and horizontal flight. Helicopter Issues (2009) state that it is not possible for helicopters to travel vast distances in a short period of time, or sustain flight for long distances. They cannot carry a heavy payload unlike the commercial airplanes. This is where the BA609 tilt rotor is beneficial. It can fly long distances like a plane, carry 6-9 people as passengers over the distance and be as comfortable for the passengers as an airplane. Additionally the BA609 also has the functionality to combine the hovering capability of the helicopter and the vertical take off from tight places with the high speed, high range and longer stamina and durability of the airplane to provide an aircraft that is innovative in its design.

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Essay: Why Choose BA-609
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