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The third factor is management practices and policies and this has been illustrated in Table 3 (See appendix) In Table 3 that talks about the policies of management we see that the respondents on an average agreed that women get stuck at the supervisory positions

and respondents were neutral and more so disagreed to the fact that women are denied executive positions due to less leadership and management skills learnt at entry level positions since its mostly due to discrimination according to respondents.

The fourth and the most important factor is culture. Table 4 (See Appendix) talks about culture and its impact since women on an average strongly agreed that the expectations of society affect their decisions. They were more towards disagreement on the point that they are not supported by immediate family, were agreeing but more neutral on average about the fact that they are not supported by in-laws and more towards disagreement when talking about them not getting support from their husbands

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Essay: Working Policies and Women at Work
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