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Females are usually preferred for front desk jobs or are assigned with regular tasks (checking of luggage, at the check in, check out, assistants etc) whereas males are given more specific and jobs which have proper designations thus there are chances for them to progress more compared to females.

Interestingly women belonging to the lower positions like secretaries did not agree to the fact that discrimination against promotions for women exists because according to the stereotype that women make better secretaries they have been provided with their slice of the cake which makes them satisfied. Women have proved to be good in such positions over the years of experience thus stereotypes strengthen whereas all women are not alike some are career driven and ambitious whereas others are simply family driven. The younger lot of the females seemed to be more enthusiastic, ambitious and career driven or working to achieve self actualization. Company policies, cultural expectations and lack of support from family/husband is a major hindrance for women to work and break the glass ceiling thus to avoid any conflicts at home they accept low position jobs that require less work and time. Women were mostly neutral to the problem creating behavior of men at work. According to the analysis it shows that unmarried women feel the most that their male counterparts are given more promotions and salaries whereas the females are equally capable. Married women are almost same as for unmarried women except for a deviation on the denial of executive positions due to less skills and other of promoting privileges. This discrepancy must have risen due to inclusion of few middle level managers for the married women but nevertheless the findings are not way far different.

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Essay: Working women and Glass Ceiling Effect
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