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The psychological processes which were at play in the experiment pertained to the deindividualization, the anonymity pf the place in which the prisoners were kept and the guards were enacting their torture, humiliation and forced heavier on the prisoners, as well as the dehumanization of the group.

The relocation of the people in the experiment to the staged prison made it much easier for them to disassociate with their original positions in the society and made them conform to the social roles as expected for the guards as well as the prisoners. Therefore the people were able to morally disengage themselves from the right and the wrong and tended to punishments thrown their way by the guards. The guards themselves were carried away by the role playing in the experiment and therefore become more aggressive than was expected. Aside from this the behavior of one guard in terms of being harsh, oppressive and humiliating rubbed off on the others as well influencing them to conform to the role of the guard as set forward by the ones in power in authority. This was very similar to the concept in which one bad apple tends to make the pother apple in the sack go bad as well.

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Essay: Zimbardo’s Experiment
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