A statistical consideration is the likelihood of an event to occur like in this case the donors donated so that the university will receive the matching fund from UGC but they backed out.

If the case is look at from this angle then once again it can be said that it was the duty of chancellor to discuss with the donors before keeping the funds for the university although it is not illegal for the chancellor to keep the funds for the university since the contract between UGC and the university became void with UGC backing out and there was no written contract to refund the money to the donors in case UGC backed out. But it will be illegal if the chancellor used the funds for any purpose other than development of the university and it is only in that case the donors can file a case against the university. Thus, this is not a breach of law but it is a case of trust and individual respect between the chancellor and the staff (Atiyah, 1979).

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UGC Case Study Analysis
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