The Queens land University of Australia conducted a test and they have come to a conclusion that in case the target or conditions for the donations are not met in case of matching funds then the funds must be refunded (Mcdiarmid, 2009).CardiffUniversityinUKhas certain financial regulations if they take grants or funds to support their research profile and it is the lawful duty of the head of the university to make sure the funds are being invested in the right place. The director of their research department is supposed to keep a detailed record of all grants or funds for research as well (Cardiff, 2009).

Thus in the light of all the arguments discussed above and also the examples of two universities operating in the UK it is clear that although the chancellors action of keeping the funds for the development of the university is not illegal or enforceable by law but since the condition against which the donors had donated the money could not be fulfilled it is the duty of the chancellor to discuss with the donors that the university needs the funds so since their indirect purpose for donating was to benefit the university the funds should be directed towards development of the university.

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University case study analysis
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