Academic Plagiarism is an action of copying content from the sources in an academic paper and presenting as own idea without referencing the original source. This action is observed to be started several years back but serious measures were not being taken then. Gradually, with the awareness of copy rights and other ownership rights, the necessity of referencing the source in academic paper became compulsion. In order to avoid plagiarism in academic papers, it is important to know what causes academic plagiarism.

 There are several reasons reported around the world about the causes of academic plagiarism. The major ones which are widely observed are:

Lack of awareness by the student: The counseling and consequences of plagiarism is different in different countries. In many developing countries the students are not aware of the techniques to avoid plagiarism. These students must refer the tutorials and guides from internet and other sources on the techniques to avoid plagiarism.

Foreign Students: Students who go abroad for higher education or attainment of a professional qualification face difficulty in doing their academic papers due to different criteria of plagiarism and strict plagiarism policies followed in the countries like US, UK, Canada, Australia. The plagiarism in these countries is unacceptable at all and therefore, foreign students have to learn the techniques to avoid plagiarism.

Lack of Confidence: Many students think they are not good at writing, and when they see their mates doing well in the academic papers by cheating, they do the same to defend their thoughts. They are usually unaware of the severe consequences of plagiarizing in the academic paper. These students should be guided before faced to hardships of plagiarizing.

Misconception about plagiarism: A large number of students are observed who think that citing the course in the end of a copied sentence could save them from plagiarism evil. In this is why they take the content from the sources and copy in the original form citing its source. However, this is not a correct way of doing a writing assignment. Students should be taught the way to do academic papers and citation.

Deliberate/intentional plagiarism: There are a small number of students who cheat in the academic papers deliberately because of laziness, lack of interest in the education, lack of time and efforts etc. These students eventually get penalized and punished.

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What Causes Academic Plagiarism
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