Descriptive essay, the name defines, is a kind of essay which describes about the topic. The description of a topic means that the writer does not have to criticize, analyze, or give opinion on the topic. It is just about the characteristics, formation and other details about the topic.

At various academic levels, students are usually given descriptive essay writing assignments. It is done so because at times teachers do not intend to evaluate the analytical skills of the students, rather, they just want the students to do some writing practice. For this purpose, descriptive essay serves a best tool for developing writing habit in the students and polishing their writing abilities.

At times students do not know the purpose served by descriptive essay, and they start to analyze the topic critically. Moreover, it has been observed that students gibe their opinions or recommendations in the conclusion of their descriptive essay. These kinds of understanding errors lead to loss of grades of the students. They must be taught about the use and method of writing a descriptive essay and the requirements therein.

To help the students in descriptive essay writing, this article is helpful to a greater extent. Unless you do not know what a descriptive essay is and how it is written, you would not be able to write it in the required way.

If you are assigned a topic then half of the task has been done. But if not, you need to be careful while selecting a topic. Three things should be kept in mind while choosing a topic:

  1. Do you have interest in it?
  2. Do you have enough knowledge about it?
  3. Do you have enough sources to find information on this topic?

After selecting a topic for you, the next task is to gather the information through print and electronic media. Mark the relevant information and interpret it in your own words regarding the origin, the characteristics and other details about the topic.

Use the information in your essay. Keep yourself at the place of an instructor and describe your topic in the essay as if you are explaining to a person who does not know anything about the topic. This tactic would help you produce an essay in a unique way.

Keep the citation and format in mind. Revise your essay two to three times before submission.

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Descriptive Essay Writing
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