Academic writing has become a compulsion in all educational fields. Students in all parts of the world have to do writing assignments in their schools, colleges and universities which count for the final grades as a usual practice. However, the pattern of writing an academic paper differs in every country. This is the main reason that there are difficulties faced by foreign students in paper writing in a foreign educational pattern.

The major differences in writing are due to the format and requirement of an academic paper in a university. Majority of the students from different parts of the world travel to US, UK, Canada, Australia etc for their education where the writing patterns are entirely different from the one followed in their own countries.

Let’s take an example of essay writing. The requirements in these countries to write an essay are:

  1. It should have a thesis statement in the beginning describing the main idea of the essay
  2. Each paragraph should contain one main idea
  3. The sentences must follow coherence with each other
  4. The paragraphs should contain content that is logical and authentic
  5. It must contain references and citation

These requirements are hardly followed in countries from where the international students travel for their education. The writing pattern of students in those countries is more like:

  1. Thesis statement is not defined of given less value
  2. Every paragraph has more than one idea
  3. Sentences are written haphazardly without one focus point
  4. Imaginative data can be used because teachers do not usually verify
  5. Citation and measures for anti-plagiarism are not considered much

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Difficulties faced by Foreign Students in Paper Writing
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