In educational institutes, students are given research paper writing assignments related to their educational field so that they develop a habit of doing research and should know how to write a research paper. The research papers are also assigned some weightage that count for the final. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare and start writing for the research paper immediately after it is assigned.

For the students to write accurately without facing problems here are some steps to write research paper:

Choose an appropriate topic:

Choosing the topic is one of the most challenging tasks in research paper writing. Unless your topic is not according to the requirements of instructor and also of your interest, the research would not be fruitful. Think about the area of your interest. Then search for the already written research papers written for that particular field. The topics of those research papers will help you decide one topic for your research.

Collect information on the topic:

Your will be required to do a literature review and also submit it in a formal document. For that purpose, gathering material and reading it in duration of a few days would be difficult. Moreover, you would not grab the complete information altogether. Therefore, it is appropriate to search and read the material on the topic available in the books, articles, websites, journals, newspapers and other sources.

Design your research paper:

This is one of the most important steps to write research paper. As a draft, make an outline of the contents or the headings of your research paper. Then start filling each of them with accurate content. For example, the first thing to write is the Thesis Statement describing what research you are doing on. The same way, write the research paper content as you do the literature review, the research, survey or the experiment, describe the findings and analyze that in your own words.

Final Format:

After doing all the writing work as a draft, write the final format of the research paper referring to the draft you have made. Keep in view all the requirements by the teacher and the citation, format, other instructions given and other writing necessities.

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Steps to Write Research Paper
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